Torquay Ferry
The Spirit of Devonport

To celebrate this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration, the Ferry is operating until 9:00pm Friday 31, December. 

Ferry Information

The Ferry operates between the below hours.

Monday to Friday 7 am-5.30 pm.
Saturdays 9 am-5 pm.
Public holidays closed.

Prams, bicycles, and dogs on leads are all welcome on board.

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How do I use the Ferry?

The Ferry operates as an on-demand system. It will only cross the river when summoned. On each pontoon, there is a button (pictured) you can press once which will alert the Ferry driver to know you are waiting on the other side of the river. After the driver has safely secured the Ferry to the pontoon, passengers are welcome aboard. The ferry has a ramp in use for ease of boarding and disembarking. Once you have paid your fare and found a seat, the last thing to do is enjoy your trip across.

Where is the Ferry?

The eastern-side pontoon is located in front of Edgewater Hotel, on the corner of Wheeler Street and Thomas Street, East Devonport. Free parking is also available here. The western-side pontoon is only accessible via the Devonport Cycle and Walking Track, which runs along Formby Road. The western-side pontoon is a short 350m walk to the Rooke Street Mall.

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