Mission Statement & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality, safe transport service to all passengers that will be dependable, accessible and responsive to the needs of their communities. While also providing a happy, healthy and professional workplace for our employees.

Our Values

Safety: we are committed to a safe workplace with everyone having a safety-first attitude and ensuring everyone is always getting home safely.

Respect: by showing integrity with our words, our intentions and in our actions, we will display respect to everyone.

we all work together as a team. We always listen to each other, cooperate openly and ensure we celebrate successful outcomes, good internal and
external communication is the key to success.

Healthy and fun workplace: 
we will ensure we will continue with our health-based employee programs. We will continue to strive to build on a culturally positive environment, celebrating and recognising all achievements along the way to maintain employee enthusiasm.

strive to provide at all times a transparent, open, truthful workplace. Conduct business ethically, with integrity a critical measurement of our success.

strive with continued determination, commitment and strength to foster a workplace to ensure all individuals accept and deliver on their responsibilities.

Customer service excellence: 
ensure we all work together to provide an outstanding experience for all, including our customers, both internal and external. Continue to challenge ourselves to achieve excellence to ensure we deliver on our commitments at all times. 

25 November 2022, COVID-19 Risk Level in Tasmania raised to MODERATE.
Tasmania has raised the official COVID-19 Risk Level to MODERATE as the State continues to experience increases in COVID-19 cases. Public Health recommends wearing a face mask in crowded indoor spaces, on Public Transport, and when visiting people who may be at risk of severe illness. Remember if you have symptoms, you should stay home and get tested for COVID-19 if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, no matter how mild.
Covid Safe Behaviours
Public Health Face Mask Information