To enable the provision of a safe, comfortable, reliable and easily accessible bus service, passengers are asked to comply with the following Conditions of Travel.

Failure to comply with the Conditions of Travel may constitute a breach of the Tasmanian Passenger Transport Regulations (2013), and result in a passenger being directed to leave the bus. When traveling with Merseylink, passengers must:

  • Travel with a correct and valid ticket for the journey being undertaken;
  • Carry proof of entitlement if using a Concession or Child/Student ticket;
  • Behave in a respectful manner to other passengers and staff;
  • Offer their seat to elderly, pregnant, or mobility impaired passengers;
  • Keep the bus safe and clean by not depositing litter on the bus and keeping feet, luggage and dirty items off the seats.
  • Give a clear and early signal to board or alight from the bus;
  • Not spit upon, or wilfully damage, soil or defile any part of the vehicle or persons;
  • Not consume food or drink;
  • Not interfere with a vehicle, service equipment or service;
  • Not bring an animal on to a vehicle unless it is an approved guide or assistance animal;
  • Not use obscene or offensive language;
  • Not smoke on the bus or enclosed waiting areas;
  • Not carry flammable liquids, firearms or weapons of any type;
  • Not enter or leave or attempt to enter or leave a vehicle whilst it is moving or waiting at any road intersection or traffic signal;
  • Not threaten with violence, harassment, or abuse or wilfully assault any persons.
  • Not play any instrument or gamble or play any game which may annoy or inconvenience other Customers or cause distraction to the Operator;
  • Bikes are NOT permitted on board the bus

Right to Refuse Carriage

Merseylink has the right to refuse to carry any person who is:

  • A security or safety risk.
  • Under the influence of drugs or other substances;
  • Of a poor level of personal hygiene.
  • Deemed likely to cause harm or intimidate fellow travellers; or
  • May otherwise cause a nuisance or disturbance.

Standard of Behavior

To help make everyone’s journey a pleasant and safe one, passengers may be asked to:

  • Allow other passengers to alight(leave) the bus before boarding;
  • Refrain from placing personal items on a seat whilst people are standing;
  • Not place feet on seats;
  • Use headphones or earphones for personal listening devices;
  • Respect other passengers by behaving in a considerate manner.

Mobility Aids

While Merseylink does not refuse carriage on the grounds of disability, to ensure passengers’ safety and comfort the following rules must be followed:

  • Occupied mobility aids may only be carried upon Merseylink’s DDA compliant(wheelchair sticker) low floor bus services;
  • Mobility aid weight must not exceed 300kg (passenger weight included) and must comply with dimension, stability and manoeuvrability standards
  • Occupied mobility aids such as wheelchairs, prams and strollers must be stationed in the designated area facing towards the rear of the bus with safety features applied;
  • Passengers are permitted to carry unoccupied wheelchairs, prams, strollers and scooters on any of Merseylink’s bus services provided they can be stowed away in the luggage racks.
  • Except for extending the wheelchair ramp, bus operators are not expected to leave the driving seat to assist a passenger to enter or leave the bus, but they have the discretion to do so where they believe it is safe and reasonable, and where the bus is properly secured.
  • Mobility impaired passengers have priority over prams, strollers and scooters, must then be stowed in the luggage racks.

Please be considerate of fellow passengers and help us make everyone’s journey a safe and pleasant one.

For further information, please call 03 6427 7626.

Downloads Merseylink Conditions of travel Effective 20/1/2016