The Merseylink Smartcard is a credit card sized plastic card containing a small computer chip. This chip is your key to accessing your online account & credit that can be used to pay for travel on any of the Merseylink Urban or Non-Urban services.

The merseylink Smartcard provides a quick and easy way to pay for your bus travel as well as allowing you to access generous discounts on single and return fares.

How it works?

When boarding the bus place your Smartcard on the reader located on top of the printer. Tell the driver your destination and the driver will issue you with a ticket. The cost for the trip will be automatically deducted from the balance of your online account. You can get a current balance by asking the driver or using the TransportMe Mobile App.  You can also set alerts for low Credit using the TransportMe Mobile App.

What are the benefits of using a Smartcard?

There are a number of benefits available to the users of Smartcards

  • Every time you use your merseylink Smartcard you receive a 20% discount on the selected single cash fare.
  • Because the passenger and driver do not have to handle cash, boarding times are reduced allowing the bus service to operate more efficiently and with less delay to passengers.

Smartcards can be supplied from:

Money Smartcards can ONLY be used on PUBLIC buses. They are NOT accepted on dedicated school buses.

Accepted Smartcards:

Where can I use my Smartcard?

Smartcards can only be used on URBAN(Devonport/Latrobe) or NON-URBAN(Ulverstone/Port Sorell/Sheffield/North West Express) buses.

They cannot be used on dedicated school buses.

If your child catches a dedicated school bus, they can either purchase a sheet of 10 pre-paid tickets or pay a cash fare.

How do you find out how much credit is left on your Smartcard?

There are two ways to check the remaining balance on your card. The remaining balance is printed on the bottom of all tickets purchased. Smartcard balances can also be checked at any of the Merseylink tickets agents or on board any Merseylink bus. Place your Smartcard on top of the ticket machine and the remaining balance will be displayed. The agent or bus driver can also print out a “Balance” ticket for you if you require one.

Where do I get the mobile TransportMe Passenger App?

TransportMe Passenger App

Apple App Store Download

Andriod App Store Download

What happens when all the credit on the card is low or used up?

Smartcards are designed to be used many hundreds of times. You can add more credit to your card at any time.

Where can money be added to your Smartcard?

Money can be added to your Smartcard by doing one of the following:

  • TransportMe App Recharge ($10 minimum + credit card fee)
  • By Calling Merseylink Office – Credit Card Recharge ($10 minimum + credit card fee).
  • In-Person at Merseylink’s Office – Cash or Credit Card Recharge ($10 minimum + credit card fee).
  • On-Bus Cash Recharge – As much cash as you desire, no fees.

How Should I treat my Smartcard?

Smartcards should not be chewed, folded or have holes punched through them. They must be handled with care. Damaged Smartcards are not reliable, 8 out of 10 damaged smartcards Fail. Merseylink takes no responsibility for any damaged failed smartcard.