Passenger Conduct Code for School Bus Services

To keep everyone safe on school buses, conditions of travel include:

  • getting on and off the bus quietly and calmly
  • respecting the driver, other passengers and their property, and the bus
  • following reasonable driver instructions, including going to a specific area
  • speaking quietly, and using appropriate language
  • wearing headphones if listening to music
  • if sitting, staying seated and wearing a seatbelt where fitted
  • if standing, moving toward the back and holding a handgrip
  • placing bags under the seat, in the racks, or on your lap
  • keeping feet on the ground, and you and your property within the bus
  • not throwing objects inside the bus or from the bus
  • not eating or drinking unless for a medical reason or with driver permission
  • taking all rubbish with you when leaving the bus.

The above is not a complete list.  To see the full Passenger Conduct Code for School Bus Services, visit

25 November 2022, COVID-19 Risk Level in Tasmania raised to MODERATE.
Tasmania has raised the official COVID-19 Risk Level to MODERATE as the State continues to experience increases in COVID-19 cases. Public Health recommends wearing a face mask in crowded indoor spaces, on Public Transport, and when visiting people who may be at risk of severe illness. Remember if you have symptoms, you should stay home and get tested for COVID-19 if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, no matter how mild.
Covid Safe Behaviours
Public Health Face Mask Information