Smartcard Detail Update Form

Money Smartcards can ONLY be used on buses fitted with the TransportMe ticketing system.  Currently this includes all PUBLIC buses and the Deloraine to Devonport school bus. They are NOT accepted on any other dedicated school buses.

Updating your details enables better use of the Mobile App and enables Merseylink to recover and contact you should your pass ever be lost or stolen.  You can also update your username and password access details for your TransportMe Mobile app.

To Update the details of your Smartcard:

  • Fill in the form below and click SEND
  • Upon receipt of your Smartcard Detail Update form; Merseylink will update the relevant account details and reply email you with your latest account details.
Only required if different to above address.
Minimum 5 letters, no spaces, full stops, or symbols. Do not use an email address.
Minimum 5 characters (letters and numbers only), no spaces or symbols.