School holidays have now commenced. 

How does this affect the timetable for public bus services?

It means that you will need to check the letters next to the route number you use and check the explanation for  that letter.

Some trips on the timetables have the letters “s” or “v” against their Route number.

  • Trips marked with “s” operates on school days only and do not operate during school holidays.
  • Trips marked with “v” are vacation trips and operate during school holidays only.  These often take the place of the “s” trip with adjusted timing for the holiday periods.

Click Here to view the holiday timetables.

For more information speak to one of our friendly drivers on board, contact us on 6427 7626, or email us at

And please remember while the speed limit around school zones will not be 40km for a couple of weeks, we ask that road users remain extra vigilant as there will be an increase in pedestrians and children on their bikes or scooters.

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