EFTPOS Payment

What buses have EFTPOS?

  • All Merseylink Public Buses.
  • Deloraine to Devonport School Bus (no other Merseylink school buses offer this payment option).

What can I do with EFTPOS?

  • Purchase regular Travel tickets.
  • Recharge my Smartcard, so I can use my Smartcard for discounted fares.

What ways can I use EFTPOS?

You must “TAP” your Credit/Debit card or virtual Credit/Debit card.  Insert or Swipe methods are not accepted.

Tap your EFTPOS card Tap your Phone* Tap your Watch*

* Virtual Devices will need to be set up prior to presentation on bus for payment.

Accepted Cards?

EFTPOS Visa Mastercard

How does it work?

1. State your destination to the driver.
2. Tell the driver you wish to pay with EFTPOS.  The driver will then prepare your journey ticket and send the transaction to the printer for payment.
3. When the printer screen ask for you to “Present Your Card”, please TAP your EFTPOS card on the card reader on the top of the printer.
4. Your transaction will be processed and the printer will show Approved or Denied and ask if you want a receipt.
5. Tell the driver if you want a receipt and the driver will finish the transaction and your receipt and travel ticket will then print, ending the payment.
From 12:01 on Saturday 25 June 2022, face masks will no longer be required on public transport.
Although wearing face masks will no longer be required in these settings, individuals who wish to continue wearing masks are encouraged to do so.
Healthy behaviours may also help slow the spread of the regular Flu, so please be proactive in staying healthy and follow the Covid Safe Behaviours

Public Health Face Mask Information