Free Travel

The following people are entitled to free travel.

  • Children under five years
  • Tasmania Police officers
  • Vision impaired people
  • World War One veterans and spouses
  • TPI & EDA pensioners

Note: Vision impaired people, TPI & EDA pensioners, World War One veterans and spouses need to present current ID to prove eligibility.

Children Under 5 Years

Police in Uniform

Vision Impaired

World War One veterans and spouses

TPI & EDA pensioners

St Johns Ambulance Officers

Free student travel passes

Eligibility for “Free Student Travel Pass” is determined by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources. This pass provides two 90 minute journeys (including transfers during the 90 minute period) during school terms. Passes are valid between 6.00am and 7.00pm, travel outside these hours, or for other purposes, (or if the two free 90 minute journeys have been used) requires the payment of the appropriate student/child fare.

For more information about free travel or transfer passes go to the Student Bus Pass page.

For general enquiries about concessions phone Merseylink on 03 6427 7626

TransportMe Student Free Pass

2021 and above Merseylink Free Student Bus Pass

NOTE: These card will be discontinued and replaced with a TransportMe Student Free Pass in April 2021

2021 and above Metro Student Free Greencard