Did you know that research has shown a child is unable to gauge the speed or direction a vehicle is travelling until they are 12 years old? This is one of the many reasons everyone plays an important role in making bus travel safe.

As a parent, there are ways to ensure your child’s safety while travelling to and from school.

Teach your children to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & THINK.

  • Stop back from the kerb.
  • Look right, look left and look right again.
  • Listen out for vehicles approaching.
  • Think if it is safe to cross the road or not.
  • Wait until there is a safe break between traffic to cross.

Here are some more ways to keep safe on and around the road:

  • As a bus approaches, stick to the footpath and keep 3 metres between you and the edge of the road.
  • When disembarking the school bus, remind children to wait until the bus has departed their stop before crossing the road, and to never enter the danger zone which is located directly in front or behind the bus.
  • It’s safest to hold your child’s hand when crossing the road and around moving vehicles until they are 10 years old.
  • Always slow down when entering a school zone or nearing school buses – it’s the law. A driver must not exceed 40 km/h within 50 meters of a bus displaying a school bus warning sign and/or warning light.

After more information? The Road Safety Website is full of ways to teach and help children learn how to be more road safety aware. Download: Safe Bus Travel Brochure for Children & Parents