Merseylink is changing to a new, modern ticketing system. Passengers will still be able to use their existing Merseylink Smartcard, as well as enjoying the many benefits which come with TransportMe.

These include:

  • Topping up your Smartcard through the TransportMe app, which is available free to download for Apple and Android users.
  • The TransportMe app allows passengers to track all Merseylink buses to within 10 seconds of their location. Passengers can set a stop as their favourite to receive notifications if the bus has been delayed.

Passengers will need a username and password to top up their Smartcard through the app. Users will be alerted with a notification when their balance becomes low. Safe, simple and secure way to top up your Smartcard, no more cash needed.

Click the tabs below for our frequently asked questions.

Yes, you can tap on with your current Merseylink Smartcard and continue to use your current credit.

Just tap on and show the driver current ID to continue using your existing credit.

You can download the app for free from the Apple store and Google play.

Visit our website’s homepage, you will find the TransportMe update details form. Complete all the details and we will email you the login details.

Yes, however you will not be able to top up your smartcard via the app.

You can apply for a smart card by visiting the Tasmanian transport website.

No, everyone will require their own Smartcard to travel, however if you are a parent you can manage multiple cards using a single login.