We are implementing contactless travel and so as of March 27, 2020, Merseylink will not be charging a travel fare for anyone, until April 10, 2020. Students will also be exempt from paying a fare until the new end of term 1 on April 3, 2020. This is to encourge all passengers to move to the use of a Smart Card and reduce unnecessary contact.

The Devonport bus interchange is temporarily relocating as of Tuesday, March 31 2020. Relocation is from the current northern end of Rooke St to Oldaker St, just out the front of the former Devonport Living City building. The relocation is in light of the current and future planned roadworks taking place in Rooke St. The relocation is expected to to be in use for 6 months.

As of April 19, 2020, Merseylink will be the new service provider of route 85 Hospital Link. This route operates between Latrobe Mersey Hospital and Burnie North West Regional Hospital, as well as stops at Devonport, Ulverstone, and Burnie UTAS campus. The current timetable and route for this service will not be affected after change-over.
Click here for current route service and timetable information.

We are continuing to stick to strict cleaning procedures to ensure that the health and safety of our passengers remain at the highest standard. The below media release from March 24, 2020, by The Department of State Growth outlines all necessary measures bus operators and  passengers need to be taking during this time.

Using buses during COVID-19 The Department of State Growth is working with bus operators to introduce practical measures on public transport to ensure that people who need to travel and bus drivers are kept as safe as possible.

Anyone who is required to be in isolation must not use public transport. Similarly, anyone who is unwell should not use public transport.

Whenever possible, passengers should:
• Where there is available capacity, leave a spare seat between passengers. This does not apply to families or people from the same household.
• Consider traveling at non-peak times when buses are not as full and if you are undertaking short trips, consider walking or cycling. • When queuing for the bus, passengers should keep a minimum of one metre from other passengers.
• Use non-cash payment options whenever this is possible (get a Greencard and top it up before you get on the bus where this option applies); provide the correct fare if you need to pay with cash. • Practice good hygiene and be considerate of others when on the bus.
• Comply with any requests from drivers – they are providing a critical service for the Tasmanian community and are doing a great job.

It will not always be possible to apply distancing where there are large passenger numbers seeking to use a service – this will not occur often.

Adults seeking to board a bus which has a high number of passengers are asked to consider waiting for the next service, however this request does not apply to children.

Bus operators are also responding by increasing the frequency of cleaning of buses with a focus on high volume touch points.

The Department of State Growth will be providing posters to bus operators to place on buses to remind passengers of the measures they can take.

Public transport, including school buses, continues to operate in Tasmania and as essential services are not subject to the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings or social distancing.

Stay informed on this continually evolving situation by using these websites:


We wish to advise our passengers that the proposed North West bus network scheduled to be implemented on April 19, 2020, by The Department of State Growth has been now deferred to January 2021. 

This decision, although difficult, was made to reduce the time spent within the communities during COVID-19.
We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Information on the current changes to the bus networks is available at www.transport.tas.gov.au
Any enquires about the changes can be sent here

As of March 31, 2020, the Torquay Ferry – Spirit of Devonport ceased operation for the foreseeable future in an aid to flatten the curve caused by COVID-19. Health and safety is our number one priority, so we believe this is in the best interest of our employees and passengers. We are hoping to be sailing again soon, but in the meantime be safe and take care of yourself.

You can keep updated on Ferry changes by visiting our Facebook website