Accepted Free School Bus Passes

TransportMe and Greencard student free passes are accepted on Merseylink services. Both student free passes must be within their displayed expiry date, e.g >=2022


TransportMe Smartcard Ticket System

TransportMe Smartcards are accepted on Merseylink general-access buses and the Deloraine to Devonport service only. TransportMe Smartcards are not accepted on any other dedicated school buses. For information on school bus fares, please click here.
Click here to see list of services with TransportMe available

Adult Card

Concession Card

Child/Student Card

Metro Greencard

Metro Greencards (no expiry date displayed) are not accepted on any Merseylink services.

Masks are required on all services for all passengers aged 12 and above. There are certain exceptions to wearing a mask, including medical exemptions. Reasons for not wearing a mask are not always visible. So please be respectful of others.

Public Health Face Mask Information