Learn information about catching a Merseylink bus by clicking on the tabs below to view the most frequently asked questions.

Planning makes your travel a breeze. You can find out which bus you need a couple of ways:

∙ Use the Trip Planner on our website
∙ Look at the timetable here or at the bus stop
∙ Call Merseylink on 6427 7626

The Trip Planner is the easiest way of planning your journey. For a how-to guide on the Trip Planner, click the below tab

To plan your journey using the Trip Planner

∙ Type your current location
∙ Type your destination
∙ Select ‘Best Route’, ‘Fewer Transfers’, or ‘Less walking’
∙ Add the date and time of your planned trip and hit ‘Get Directions’

You will be redirected to google maps which will outline your best option for travel.

Now you know which bus stop and route service you need, follow these 3 simple steps for boarding:

∙ Arrive 5 minutes before your bus is due to arrive. We recommend this as timetables are only approximate and can sometimes be affected by traffic and other factors.
∙ When your bus approaches, clearly signal the driver by waving.
∙ If required, ask the driver if it is possible to lower the bus.

All of our buses will have the route number and route description displayed above the windscreen on the signboard.

In the example above, this is Sheffield Route 95.
When you are waiting for the bus, have a look at the signboard on the bus approaching to make sure you hail the correct bus for your trip.

Each of our buses has a unique number located at the front and rear of the bus. Remember this number if you need to contact us about something specific to that bus.

If you plan on paying with cash, please remember:
∙ Tell the driver what kind of fare you would like
∙ Have the correct change, if possible
∙ Have any concession cards ready

Click here to see information about fares and concessions.

Smartcards make your travel easier, faster, and cheaper! Every time you use your Smartcard you receive a 20% discount on all fares!

When boarding simply tap your Smartcard on the reader which is located at the top of the ticket machine and your fare will automatically be deducted from your credit – no need to tap off.

You can conveniently add credit to your Smartcard via the TransportMe app, face-to-face at our Wesley Vale Depot, or onboard any of our Merseylink buses.

Don’t have a Smartcard yet? You can secure yours by filling in our online form here, contacting us by phone, or visiting us in person.

Wheelchairs and prams are permitted onboard all Merseylink buses. Safety is always our number one priority, so when boarding please follow our driver’s instructions. When using these aids, we ask that you please keep them stationed in the designated area, facing toward the rear of the bus with the safety breaks applied.

Your luggage is your responsibility. If your luggage is too large to be on your lap or next to your feet, place the item in the luggage area provided. If your luggage is too big or could be dangerous onboard, we may not be able to carry it – ask our driver if you are unsure.

Reaching your destination? Press the button near your seat. This will turn on a sign near the driver to signal the bus is stopping.

For safety, hold onto the handrails for support until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Smart Card makes travel easier, quicker, and cheaper.
Every time you use your Smart Card you receive a 20% discount on the selected single cash fare.

Click here to find out more about Smartcards. Click here to see a full list of urban and non-urban fares.

We want all our passengers to have a safe journey on board, to ensure this we have some conditions of travel. You can find the full list here.

We ask that you please:
∙ Wait for passengers to disembark before you board.
∙ Use headphones while listening to devices.
∙ Offer your seat to those who may need it.

Please do not:
∙ Smoke, or consume any food or drink.
∙ Place your feet on the seats at any time.
∙ Use offensive language

Safety for all Merseylink employees, passengers, and visitors is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring each person is treated with dignity and respect and without the worry of harassment or discrimination.

Did you know…
∙ Merseylink drivers are trained in safe driving practices prior to beginning their employment.
∙ All Merseylink buses are fitted with CCTV cameras.
∙ We work closely with the Tasmanian Police to ensure the correct social behaviour is being executed on all our services.

If you require assistance, please ask the driver for help or contact us on 6327 7626

Contact us on 6327 7626 for assistance if you have lost something on board. If the item has been handed in, you may arrange a collection time.

You can visit our head office in Wesley Vale for collection between 7:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday.