Student Free Day – Monday 23rd July 2018

On the Monday of the beginning of Term 3 (23rd July 2018) K-10State, and many private Schools having a Student Free Day.

This affects many bus services, so please check the following list to see how/if it will affect your child’s bus transportation.

Student Free Day: Andrews Creek Primary, Devonport Christian, Devonport High, Devonport Primary, East Devonport Primary, East Ulverstone Primary, Forth Primary, Hillcrest Primary, Latrobe High, Latrobe Primary, Leighland Christian, Miandetta Primary, Nixon Street Primary, Our Lady of Lourdes Primary, Port Sorell Primary, Reece High, Sacred Heart Primary, Sassafras Primary, Spreyton Primary, St Patrick’s Primary, Ulverstone High, Ulverstone Central Primary, West Ulverstone Primary, and Wilmot Primary.

COMMENCING MONDAY: Don College & St Brendan Shaw College

For buses that carry multiple schools, please CHECK the list below to see if your bus will be running.

Status Driver Bus # Description
Normal Service Warren 4 West Ulverstone to DHS, SBSC, Reece High & TAFE
NOT RUNNING Gail 7 Shearwater to all Latrobe Schools
Normal Service Rex 8 North Motton & Ulverstone to Devonport Schools
Normal Service George 9 Buster Road and James Road to all Devonport schools
NOT RUNNING Phil M 23 Tarleton Road, Grandview Drive, James Road, Lakeside Road to Spreyton Primary School
Normal Service Michael 24 Shearwater & Hawley to Reece High, DHS, SBSC, Don College, NSPS & DCS
Combining with bus 62 Brett 25 Kimberley, Railton to Devonport schools + Tugrah
PM Don to Melrose trip ONLY Andrew T 26 Tarleton Road, Spreyton Bus Interchange to all Latrobe Schools
Normal Service Greg M 27 Port Sorell to Reece High, D’port High, SBSC & Don College
NOT RUNNING Peter W 29 Port Sorell to Latrobe schools
NOT RUNNING Gary P 30 Forthside & Leith to Forth Primary
NOT RUNNING Kerry 31 Shearwater, Squeaking Point & Port Sorell to Andrews Creek Primary
NOT RUNNING Barry 32 Melrose, Paloona, Kelcey Tier to Reece High & Spreyton Primary
NOT RUNNING Jim 33 Latrobe and Sassafras to Sassafras Primary School
Normal Service Russell 34 Melrose, Quoiba to Devonport schools
NOT RUNNING Peter F 35 Parkers Ford Road to all Latrobe Schools via Sassafras, Bass Highway
NOT RUNNING Bill 36 Ulverstone, Gawler, Forth & Devonport Special Needs
Normal Service Eric 37 Sheffield to Don & Devonport schools
Normal Service Steve A 38 Spreyton, Latrobe, & Devonport Special Needs
NOT RUNNING Sheree 41 Lower Wilmot, Erriba to Wilmot Primary
NOT RUNNING Trevor 43 Port Sorell, East Devonport, Spreyton & Devonport Special Needs
NOT RUNNING Steve O 47 Hawley, Shearwater & Port Sorell to Andrews Creek Primary
NOT RUNNING Henry 60 Latrobe & Devonport to Devonport Christian School & Leighland Christian School, Ulverstone
Normal Service James 61 Parkers Ford Road, Squeaking Point and Sassafras to Devonport schools
Students picked up by bus 25 Kevin 62 Kimberley, Railton, Tugrah to Devonport schools
Normal Service Sheridan 70 Gunns Plains & Preston to Devonport (all schools)
NOT RUNNING Fred 71 Baker’s Beach to Andrews Creek Primary via Latrobe High School
NOT RUNNING Phil C 72 Turners Beach to Forth Primary
Normal Service Graeme/Keryn 73 West Ulverstone to Don College
NOT RUNNING Adrian 75 Devonport to Ulverstone via Forth
NOT RUNNING Lyn 76 East Devonport & Devonport to Hillcrest Primary / Devonport Christian School & Ulverstone Schools
NOT RUNNING Athol 77 Railton to all Latrobe Schools
NOT RUNNING Roster 84 Wilmot Road & Knights Road to Forth Primary
NOT RUNNING Hubert 85 East Devonport to Latrobe schools
Normal Service Maree 86 Latrobe to Don College & SBSC
NOT RUNNING Roster 87/70 Pardoe, East Devonport to Reece High
Normal Service Graham W 90 Ulverstone to St Brendan Shaw College
NOT RUNNING Lenny 94 Canning Drive, East D’port to Reece High

Please call if you are unsure about your bus travel options.