Ulverstone to St Brendan Shaw College and Don College


St. Brendan-Shaw College, Don College


Address Time
Fire Station, Lovett Street Ulverstone 7:40 AM
South Road, Ulverstone at Mt St Vincents 7:45 AM
Corner Jowett & Markam St, Ulverstone 7:48 AM
Amy St, Ulverstone 7:49 AM
Undara Cres (r) Penguin rd, Corner Josephine St 7:50 AM
Queen Street – Corner Bertha St and opposite shop 7:51 AM
3/23 Alexandra Road (Video Shop) 7:58 AM
(r) Main Street, (l) Eastland Drive
Bass and Flinders, Eastland Drive 7:59 AM
109 Eastland Drive, Ulverstone 8:01 AM
Don College 8:20 AM
St Brendan Shaw College: James Street, Devonport 8:25 AM


Address Time
St Brendan Shaw College: James Street, Devonport 15:20 PM
Don College – In Grounds 15:25 PM
Bass Highway
Eastland Drive off ramp
Deegan Marine, Eastland Drive, Ulverstone 15:33 PM
Eastland Drive 15:34 PM
Eastland Drive, (r) Main Street 15:35 PM
Ulverstone Museum 15:36 PM
Victoria St
Wongi Lane Interchange 15:38 PM
Grove Street, (r) Kings Parade, (l) over bridge into Hobbs Parade
15 Hobb’s Parade 15:42 PM
South Road – outside Mt St Vincent 15:45 PM
Amy Street 15:53 PM
Undara Crescent 15:56 PM
Penguin Road – Cnr Josephine st and Cnr Bertha st 16:00 PM
Lovett st (opposite Fire Station) 16:05 PM

Bus Driver: Graham W

Bus No. 90


Fare Prices
Cash $1.80 per trip
10 Ticket Sheet $14.40
Student Bus Pass Free
Free Greencard Free

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