S013-East Devonport to Latrobe schools

/S013-East Devonport to Latrobe schools
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East Devonport to Latrobe schools


Latrobe High School, St Pats Catholic Primary School, Latrobe Primary School


Address Time
Tarleton St Opposite Argosy 8:00 AM
Thomas St, Wright St
9 Brooke St 8:02 AM
Triton Rd 8:06 AM
North Caroline St
Brooke St
Mary St
Torquay Rd 8:12 AM
Along Torquay, into Piping Lane to Roundabout
Frankford Highway 8:16 AM
Palmers Rd 8:19 AM
Percival St 8:25 AM
Latrobe High School 8:27 AM
Gilbert St
St Patricks Primary School
Bradshaw St
Cotton St
Latrobe Primary School 8:29 AM


Address Time
Latrobe Primary School: Cotton Street, Latrobe 15:10 PM
Lewis Street, Latrobe
George Street, Latrobe
Bradshaw Street, Latrobe
St Patricks Primary School: 55 Gilbert Street, Latrobe 15:16 PM
Stanley Street, Latrobe
Latrobe High School: Last Street, Latrobe 15:19 PM
Percival Street, Latrobe
Moriarty Road, Latrobe
Palmers Road, Latrobe (near Latrobe Motel) 15:22 PM
Palmers Road, Latrobe 15:23 PM
Palmers Road, Latrobe 15:26 PM
Frankford Road, Frankford (opp Beer Street) 15:30 PM
Torquey Road, East Devonport 15:33 PM
Mary Street, East Devonport
Mary Street, East Devonport (Bus Shelter)
Brooke Street, East Devonport
Triton Road, East Devonport 15:38 PM
North Caroline Street, East Devonport
18 Brooke Street, East Devonport 15:42 PM
Wright Street, East Devonport
Thomas Street, East Devonport
Tarleton Street, East Devonport 15:45 PM
Bridge Loop, Ambleside 15:47 PM

Bus Driver: Hubert

Bus No. 85


Cash $1.70 per trip
Smartcard $1.36 per trip
Student Bus Pass Free

AM Map

PM Map