Route 70L - Port Sorell: Country Club, Shearwater

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Route: 90dl (out) / Devonport Interchange to Shearwater Centre: Watkinson St - Nicholls St - Victoria Prd - Rooke St - Formby Rd - Bass Hwy - Moriarty Rd - Bradshaw St - Gilbert St - Percival St - Moriarty Rd - Frankford Rd - Squeaking Point Rd - Parkers Ford Rd - Port Sorell Rd - Alexander St - Dumbleton St - Joyce St - Vine St - Hawley Epl - Dumbleton St - Shearwater Blvd. Variation: via Latrobe. Schools: DON, DPS, OLOL, ST PATS, LHS. Route: 90 (in) / Shearwater Centre to Devonport Interchange: Shearwater Blvd - Pitcairn St - Kermode St - River Rd - Darling St - Wilmot St - East Esplenade - Meredith St - Rice St - Wilmot St - Port Sorell Rd - Bass Hwy - Formby Rd - Rooke St.
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