Reece High School-West Devonport 15


Board 7:35 am(from Interchange C) – Route 15 bus.
Purchase ticket TO Reece High School.

(*Ticket Purchased MUST be TO Reece High School, NOT to Interchange. Ticket MUST state on the bottom that it is a transfer :TO Reece High School. If you purchase a ticked to the Interchange, that is where your ticket expires and drivers are required to charge you for the new journey.)

Retain Ticket for next bus.

Bus arrives at the Interchange(Rooke Street) 8:03 am approx.


BUS CHANGES to Route 60we departing at 8:05 am.

Exit bus at stop MI501 (above Reece High School – Middle St) at 8:07 am approx.


Board 3:05 pm (Reece High School) – Route 316 bus.
Purchase ticket to your desired stop.
Exit bus at your desired stop.


Cash $1.80 per trip
Smartcard $1.44 per trip
Student Bus Pass Free