This Charter Outlines:

  • Who we see as our customers
  • What we aim to do for our customers
  • What you can do if we do not meet our charter obligations
  • What we will do if we do not meet our charter obligations

Who Merseylink Sees As Its Customers:

Merseylink’s customers are all those who use its bus services.

We have other customers including casual bus users, tourists and charter passengers and those with whom we have a business relationship.

What Merseylink Aims To Do For Its Customers:

Our aim is to provide, for the people of Devonport, Ulverstone, Port Sorell, Latrobe and surrounding areas, safe, reliable, easily accessible bus services, that run to time and are provided by helpful, friendly staff.

What Merseylink Undertakes To Provide Its Customers?

  • 98% of buses will depart and arrive no more than five (5) minutes after the time specified on timetables
  • No bus will depart ahead of the scheduled time
  • All buses will travel on the scheduled route and stop, when timetabled to do so, at all stops where there are passengers waiting
  • All buses will be cleaned daily
  • All buses will have clear and accurate destinations and route numbers
  • All staff will be helpful, friendly and pleasant to customers
  • Information about services, fares and timetables will be readily available to customers from Merseylink offices, and at the interchange
  • All drivers will have information about services, fares and timetables, or means of obtaining that information, for all customers who require it
  • Full information about the ticketing system and how to use it will be provided at all places where tickets can be purchased
  • We will listen to, consider and respond within 10 working days, to all comments, suggestions and complaints from our customers

We Will:

  • Ensure that drivers consider your safety and comfort by:
  • Driving carefully
  • Not departing until passengers are seated or stationary
  • Stopping as close as they can to the kerb and using bus-lowering devices
  • Constantly review timetables to ensure we meet your needs as closely as possible
  • Ensure that staff travel by bus, where possible, to ensure an overall perspective is gained on how Merseylink is performing operationally and the success or otherwise of its customer service initiatives

We Will:

If Merseylink does not fulfill its charter obligations or if it does not provide the service you think it should, you can complain by:

  • Discussing the matter with the driver or other Merseylink staff at the time of the unsatisfactory service.
  • If this does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction or if you prefer not to do this, you should complain:
  • By ringing:
    • Head Office: 6427 7626
  • By writing to:
  • The Manager Merseylink Bus Service

      PO Box 63E

      East Devonport, 7310

  • In person at:
    • Merseylink Office

283 Port Sorell Rd

Wesley Vale, 7307

We will always respond within 2 working days.

(In order to help Merseylink deal adequately with any complaint and ensure that problems do not re-occur, please provide as much detail about the incident as possible, preferably including times, route and bus numbers. However, even if you do not have this information, we will respond.)

What Merseylink Will Do If It Does Not Meet Its Charter Obligations:

If Merseylink fails to meet its charter obligations, it will:

  • Always apologise, privately and if appropriate publicly, to customers affected
  • Always provide full information and explanation about what happened and why it happened
  • Always explain what it will do to try to ensure that such an event will not occur again
  • Do whatever it can to assist customers adversely affected by its failure

What Merseylink Expects From You:

We also ask you to tell us about the things you like about our services.

You can do this by ringing:

  • By ringing:
    • Devonport: 6427 7626


Contact Details:

Head Office: 6427 7626

The Manager Merseylink Bus Service

PO Box 63E

East Devonport, 7310

Merseylink Office

283 Port Sorell Rd

Wesley Vale, 7307


Customer Service Charter