Free (year dated) Student Greencards

Free Greencard Usage:

  • Provides free bus travel from “Home to School” and “School to Home” ONLY.
  • CANNOT be used on Weekends, School Holidays or for general travel.
  • Must have the YEAR printed on it and it must not be out of date. If the card is out of date a standard student cash fare of $1.70 will be charged.
  • If the Greencard does not have the year printed on it(regular Greencard with student marked on it), then it is treated as a student ID and will entitle the student to a regular student/child fare of $1.70 per journey.

A “Free Greencard” can be obtained through any “Service Tasmania” outlet or Online at the Tasmanian Transport Departments website links below.

To be eligible for a “Free Greencard” you must be on some form of Centrelink benefit.  Check Eligibility Guidelines link first.

Make sure you put Merseylink as the Bus Operator on the application form.

The resources listed above link directly to the Tasmanian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.  As such Merseylink take no responsibility for your forms submission or processing.  If you have had issues with these online forms, then please ring “Passenger Transport Services” on (03) 6166-3333