Route 50/55 Ambleside

Route 50/55 Ambleside 2017-04-22T15:09:35+00:00

Route 50/55 – Ambleside

Monday - Friday

RouteInterchange CArgosy Motor InnRiver 7 RR05River 19 RR06River 43 RR07River 93 RR08River 123 RR09Autumn 13 AU11
507:35 am7:41 am7:42 am7:42 am7:42 am7:43 am7:44 am7:46 am
508:00 am8:03 am8:04 am8:04 am8:04 am8:06 am8:07 am8:08 am
509:25 am9:28 am9:29 am9:29 am9:29 am9:31 am9:32 am9:35 am
5011:20 am11:23 am11:24 am11:24 am11:24 am11:26 am11:27 am11:30 am
501:00 pm1:03 pm1:04 pm1:04 pm1:04 pm1:06 pm1:07 pm1:10 pm
55me2:35 pm2:58 pm3:00 pm3:00 pm3:00 pm3:01 pm3:02 pm3:05 pm
55or3:08 pm3:22 pm3:24 pm3:24 pm3:24 pm3:25 pm3:26 pm3:29 pm
503:45 pm3:48 pm3:49 pm3:49 pm3:49 pm3:50 pm3:51 pm3:55 pm
504:35 pm4:38 pm4:39 pm4:39 pm4:39 pm4:40 pm4:41 pm4:45 pm
505:15 pm5:18 pm5:19 pm5:19 pm5:19 pm5:20 pm5:21 pm5:25 pm
55me = Miandetta Primary & East Devonport Primary
55or = Our Lady of Lourdes & Reece High

Monday - Friday

RouteAutumn 13 AU11Park 27 PD12Highfield 24 HF14River 152 RR16River 138 RR17Ambleside ShopBridge LoopInterchange...
55r7:46 am7:46 am7:46 am7:48 am7:49 am7:52 am7:52 am8:00 am
55emo8:08 am8:08 am8:09 am8:13 am8:20 am8:23 am8:30 am8:42 am
509:35 am9:35 am9:36 am9:38 am9:39 am9:41 am9:41 am9:45 am
5011:30 am11:30 am11:31 am11:33 am11:34 am11:36 am11:36 am11:40 am
501:10 pm1:10 pm1:11 pm1:13 pm1:14 pm1:16 pm1:16 pm1:20 pm
503:05 pm3:05 pm3:06 pm3:08 pm3:09 pm3:11 pm3:11 pm3:15 pm
503:29 pm3:29 pm3:30 pm3:32 pm3:33 pm3:35 pm3:35 pm3:42 pm
503:55 pm3:55 pm3:56 pm3:58 pm3:59 pm4:01 pm4:01 pm4:05 pm
504:45 pm4:45 pm4:46 pm4:48 pm4:49 pm4:51 pm4:51 pm4:55 pm
505:25 pm5:25 pm5:26 pm5:28 pm5:29 pm5:31 pm5:31 pm5:35 pm
55r = Reece High
55emo = East Devonport Primary, Miandetta Primary & Our Lady of Lourdes